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Blank thought: beginning formation

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the military spies on protesters Jun. 13th, 2010 @ 02:05 pm
I am beyond outraged. Four students attending Evergreen College in Olympia, WA got pulled over on their way to a demonstration in Portland, Maine. It turned out they were tracking the activists, not their car. There was a double agent providing information to the military.

Rather than repeat the excellent journalism, read about it here.

A letter to Obama Mar. 20th, 2009 @ 01:13 pm
Dear Mr. President,

I remain a huge supporter of yours. I worked on your campaign. I have cerebral palsy. Let's just say I know people who would qualify for special olympics. I found your comment extremely heart-wrenching.

I appreciate the apology. But you need to be more careful. I recognize the incredible scrutiny you are under, and I regret having to add more.

--Sam Katz

Dec. 5th, 2008 @ 03:03 pm
Proposition 8 is discriminatory, unconstitutional (see Romer vs. Evans.) and it is unconstitutional in a special way: it violates the First Amendment.

The First? How can it violate the First? The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, in other words, it gaurentees a personal relationship with God. It gaurentees me to go to a church that believes that God will bless same-sex marriages as holy in his eyes. The state of California, and every other state that has passed a marriage ban is making a religious judgement which they cannot do.

I have no idea how to defeat this. I'm not a lawyer. But I did watch a certain campaign. We need to figure out how to canvass likely california voters on this issue. We need to build that voter file. And we need to get a measure on the ballot that says simply, "Marriage is a religious institution, and cannot be regulated by the State."

The pope Apr. 15th, 2008 @ 06:46 pm
It is funny how journalists forget to tell the truth. The pope didn't cause riots by speaking out against Islamic extremism -- that's called editorializing.

What he got in trouble for was this.


life is a gift Mar. 15th, 2008 @ 11:20 pm
In all the coverage of the NIU, Louisana, Virgina Tech, Lawrence King (each of which deserves their own separate entry), no one raises the obvious. This has to stop. It isn't enough that it's front page news. It isn't enough that murder is a crime, with strict punishments. Quite frankly, the NRA is full of shit. There is no, and can be no right to bear arms. Why? The constitution is not a suicide pact.

At the time of the constitution's creation, the government was abusing its power, and theoretically the only way to liberate it was via warfare, by a few revolutionaries. This isn't the case anymore, and if you think it is, remember we have an election coming up. A peaceful election. We are no longer taxed without representation.

As a pacifist, I will point out that Canada negotiated its autonomy under the British North American Act. (I will provide citations and clarifications if requested.) It took years, but it worked.

Gun control is about keeping guns out of the hands of children. (Most of whom get them from their parents or relative.) Of people with mental illnesses. (who apparently get them online. There is however no requirement that hospitals put such information in the background check database.. and I should expand on that in a later post.)

It has to stop. It is unacceptable. It is not "just a tragic accident." It is the deliberate selling and manufacture of guns for use by people who do not understand self-defense, and supported by legislators who don't understand it either.

Want self-defense? Program 911 on speed dial.

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» (No Subject)
I have some new ideas for Gloucester. But more importantly, I have a grip on my pain. I do. The tingling is a clear sign of TMS. My anxiety is probably performance related. The tarot card reading undoubtedly weighs in my thoughts. I have experienced the seperation of family, the seperation of myself from friends, felt acutely over the holiday season. I have sent what one of my gurus once called "30 e-mails" which are now "30 facebook" messages, and I rarely get a reply.

What was Gloucester feeling? Unlike Lear, he believes he has power, and tries to exercise it; not much, but he does what he can.. Reassuring the King, and later attempting his rescue. His emphasis on what is "natural" -- both in terms of unruly, and also naturally ordered, lead me to some interesting staging suggestions.

As for me, I can be anybody I want to be. And that it seems causes a great deal of difficulty.

I do not have to, nor can I take this all at once. Any transition that must happen must happen slowly, or my health and the health of my endeavors will be destined to fail.

Lastly, what would Hamlet say? He would say the opposite. The readiness is all, and a man's life no more than to say one. But I am very sorry, Good Horatio, that to Laertes, I forgot myself. For by the very image of my cause, I see the portaiture in his. But, alas, I will not court his favors.

And that makes all the difference.
» (No Subject)
It is sad that I am posting this now.. there are so many other things that I could be posting. But this is important.

I could get into details but I can't in part because some of it crosses over into things that no one on my Friends List, regardless of their age, should ever be subjected to.

I am about to remove someone from my Friends list, someone very dear to me. Not because I want to, but because they haven't responded to any of my comments, my e-mails, and because they have extremely painful associations with me.

So rather than going into all the details, let me say Goodbye and Thank you.

You are an amazing person. I know that you will always be there to support the people I have left behind at Earlham. There is a saying "People come into your life for a reason, and when they leave it, you know it is time."

You were the first person at Earlham I came out to. And you gave me a book I continue to recommend to anyone in that spot. When I got sick, it was your words which I remembered. You treated me like a human being -- physically, cognitively, and allowed me to write the chapters in my own book. I still carry that dignity with me, the one you said I must carry. You understand human psychology better than anyone I've ever studied with.. and this is the only time I will mention it: You were not wrong to place your trust in me.

I cannot really be vegan, as I cannot cook. But I do watch my dietary choices because of you. I eat tofu, and drink soy milk. As I go on and on, I realize posting this message is very unjust. It radiates pain and suffering -- even though I am trying to convey the profound gratitude I feel towards you for the gifts you have given me.

I am going to stop now.

I have always been confused about how to sign my letters, but right now it's pretty darn clear.

--The real me

P.S One simple request for my readers: Do not assume you know *anything*. Ask.
» (No Subject)
Joe Augustin, as he is known to his friends and the Earlham College Faculty, was attacked recently (This isn't my best journalism, I don't feel like tracking down the details.) coming out of a local theater. I am shocked, horrified, and saddened as Joe would be, that this was made into a race issue by Residence Life.

Joe is a man of peace, justice, and intellectual inquiry. I firmly believe that he will hold on. I enjoyed having him in my class, and watching him wrestle with intellectual questions, and prompt discussions about how our classes were changing us. Actually, to be fair, none of us felt like discussing how our classes were changing us. Perhaps we should have.

Throughout my recovery from mental illness, I have noticed one lesson: slow down. Do not be rash. And Joe, for all your passion, will grapple with this lesson. And as a community, we must support him.

Me sheberach.

May those in need of healing (refuah shema.) help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing.


» (No Subject)
What am I doing wrong?
What am I doing right?

I have a headache. I'm frustrated. But in a very good way. I'm frustrated by quizzes that mandate that I read things by a certain time. I'm fed up by unstructured time which I can't manage by myself, and am thinking: there has to be a better way.

Riah Warner once said, "People come to YSP so people can have their breaks structured for them." Throughout middle school and high school, everything was structured.

And now in college it's not. Freedom and responsibility. And I don't think my disability which makes sense of time difficult makes that a responsibility I should have to bear.

Bold, huh? And yet I will keep fighting.

» some notes
My life is way too complicated.
Somewhere in my circle of trust,
someone was verbally and emotionally abusive.

And I hurt.

L called. That was very scary.

Take the time to comment if you would.


Now this is going to offend a hell of a lot of people, but earlier, I posted a message asking you to use gender-neutral pronouns. Now I've changed my mind. Use whatever pronouns I currently identify with with you. Meaning if I haven't explicitly told you otherwise, use 'he'.

I did it to support myself, and also to support peaceofpie. But as peaceofpie shows no interest in being a friend to me, that seems less of an issue now.

I am still confused with what exactly the relationship is between transgender, indigo, and bipolar is.

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